A Multi-Billion-Euro company into development of special purpose machines approached Expert Global to come up with
a solution to improve their project & service margins along with improvement in profitability.

To achieve the objective, the endeavor was to create a core team for the client in phases with an understanding of the technology. Initially, Expert Global SPM(Special Purpose Machinery) Division proposed the client to start off with a small fixed bid project with a team of 10 engineers designated on that project. Then, in phases Expert Global built an offshore center of 50+ engineers in incremental phases for various functions like Mechanical, Electrical & Embedded Engineering. Designated access-controlled areas were created for the client’s project teams, which helped in effective co-ordination amongst their team members. This also ensured the data security of different projects which were very critical in nature.


Effective management of peaks & valleys with flexibility of skilled resource pool and shorter lead times

Improvement in profitability & substantial savings of 1 million Euros.

Consolidated their vendor base.