Enabling continuous engineering in the IoT era

Building the next generation of industrial equipment involves design thinking for the new digital DNA. Enabled by connectivity, the products of the future will have some common but new genes. As much as the mechanical engineering aspect, the industrial equipment will be driven equally by the software. To overcome the complexity of connecting requirements, design, development and deployment for an IoT-enabled, software-driven industrial equipment, manufacturers will have to evolve well beyond their core mechanical strengths. As industrial equipment metamorphose to adopt a new digital DNA, continuously engineering these products will be a key to their future. Expert Global is your engineering partner to make this happen.

Strategies for Digital DNA

Just adding sensors to industrial equipment will not be enough. The strategy will have to focus on information that drives results for the users. The issues could revolve around O&M bottleneck, performance benchmark, compliance and regulations or several other such factors. The digital DNA has to deliver optimised performance, greater reliability and added value in terms of reducing downtime, extending asset life and life-cycle costs. As industrial product and equipment companies are gearing up to benefit from the IIoT, a new discipline of engineering which seamlessly embeds industrial automation, networking, new materials and electronics will be required. Expert Global has the expertise to conceptualise, implement and therefore ensure a seamless upgrade of the DNA of industrial products. Whether you manufacture electric motors or high-end CNC machines, or even a fully automated lines, Expert Global can help your products to imbibe a digital DNA that delights the user and end customers.

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