The need for continuous innovation

The operation of extracting and transporting oil and gas is filled with several challenges. To remain competitive, the companies in the entire supply chain must continuously innovate to produce crude and refined products at a lower cost. Maximised asset utilisation, lesser maintenance, quick and efficient value engineering and smarter techniques of conducting various tasks are key to success in future. Above all, the environmental standards too are getting tighter than ever before and compliance requires far greater transparency at every stage, from extraction to distribution. The digital transformation is key to helping the Oil and Gas companies and their suppliers to achieve their goals.

The role of digital

As the oil and gas companies worldwide are thinking creatively once again to solve their traditional challenges, improved the efficiency of assets and processes with lower downtime have become a cornerstone of safe and profitable business. With years of work and expert domain know-how of the Oil and Gas sector, Expert Global helps to digitally accelerate the operational efficiency and asset utilisation at several stages. Expert Global’s experience of working with some of the largest Oil and Gas companies in enabling their cost optimisation initiatives is a huge advantage.

Next wave of digital transformation with Expert Global

Particularly, Expert Global has been a capable partner to Oil and Gas companies for several years as they embarked on the first wave of digitisation – which was focused on the digital enabling of essentials such as engineering designs, safety and maintenance processes. The next few years will call for making the oil and gas infrastructure smarter and intelligent through IIoT. Expert Global, with its deep domain and technological capabilities is well poised to help the Oil and Gas companies to embark on digital transformation initiatives for achieving the specific goals of improving efficiency and utilisation while minimising risks to safety and environment. Whether its overnight turn around of engineering design for critical part or designing a complex sensor-enabled system critical to safety compliance, you can always count on us.

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